if we “can’t afford” public services, then capitalism is failing

There’s a common argument which comes from people arguing for right-wing politics (or, more usually, from people arguing against what might be thought of as left-wing politics) which goes “We simply can’t afford it”.

But, if it’s true that under the current economic model and under the current levels of wealth distribution, we cannot afford to pay for the basic public services which go to make up a decent, civil society – then what it means is that capitalism is failing.


profit is not the only motive

People often argue for privatisation by asserting that the profit motive drives efficiency, which is a lie. Profit only drives profiteering, which involves delivering the cheapest product or service for the highest price. In areas such as health or social care, this is a motive which runs against the interests of the people who need those services.

Another, far better and effective motive is good conscience and the desire to do your job properly. It shouldn’t be controversial to say this, but it is hardly ever heard in conversations about privatisation of public services.

Language Matters #1

1.Language matters. It matters because language is the way we pass¬†information to each other, and information is important. Language makes things happen, by causing people to act and react. A commander says fire, or two generals sign a peace accord. A witness gives evidence and a judge gives her verdict. Even in the mundane activities of our lives, how do you get the pizza place to put your preferred topping on instead of just whatever they hell they felt like at the time? And when someone tells you the pizza has arrived, you begin to salivate before the smell has even hit you. Language has physical effects on the neurochemistry of people’s brains.

The people who publicly promote this myth usually have a direct interest in making you confused about language and how it works.

A rising tide

Violence. In words and actions Рand words fuel actions. Language is not neutral, that is a lie. Free speech is a false flag. Antagonism and anger fuelled by bad faith arguments and dirty politics. This is now.

If you care, then speak up firmly, patiently and insistently for compassion in all things.