A rising tide

Violence. In words and actions – and words fuel actions. Language is not neutral, that is a lie. Free speech is a false flag. Antagonism and anger fuelled by bad faith arguments and dirty politics. This is now.

If you care, then speak up firmly, patiently and insistently for compassion in all things.


The Ideology of Unpleasantness

In countries across Europe, far-right parties are gaining political power and influence; in the USA, Donald Trump is hugely popular with millions of people; in the Middle East, various factions and sects compete to be the most brutal and vicious; India is currently in the grip of Prime Minister Modi’s nationalism; in Russia, Putin’s regime has total control and encourages violence and bigotry wherever it can; on the internet, masses of people are gleefully nasty and abusive.

The surface political ideologies are diverse, even directly antagonistic. But there is a deeper trend which runs through them all and which can be seen both in the causes and consequences – an ideology of unpleasantness. It manifests in different ways, but bigotry and violence is ever-present, and it is becoming more dominant by the day.