the left is losing

The left is losing.

By “the left” I mean the broad collection of political philosophies and ideologies which is generally connected through a shared belief that treating other human beings with decency, compassion and fairness. The left are, generally, the people who hope for a better, kinder world.

People on the right may well take exception to that characterisation, especially the sincere, but it’s a fair one and they should understand that without bad feeling.

Sharing wealth as equally as possible amongst society is generally an ideal of left-wing politics. The right is more interested in an individual’s freedom to accumulate wealth at the expense of others. This is all uncontroversial.

But unfortunately for the left, it is also uncontroversial to state that they are losing in the current war of cultures and ideologies. Losing badly. And it cannot continue if humanity and the human species are to survive. Climate catastrophe is looming, and social inequalities are becoming unsustainably vast.

We need to develop radical new ways of engaging with people both in our practical media strategies and our underlying philosophies.

We need to develop new ways of speaking to each other and new ways of speaking with other people who may not share our political beliefs.

I’m going to use this blog to ramble about politics, culture and language but always with one theme – to imagine possible ways we could work to reform the world as a better place. I’m happily and determinedly left-wing.


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